I always approved of Jim Harbaugh subbing out Colin Kapernick for Alex Smith. I still do. Here’s what’s complicated. I don’t think Smith could have brought back the Niners the way Kaepernick did, to make it a close loss in the Super Bowl. I also don’t think Smith would have fallen that far behind in the first place. I could be wrong. One thing I’m not wrong about. If the Niners trade Smith, I wish him well. He is a gentleman and a grownup and a very nice man, and he deserves all the best in life. I’m sure you agree.

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  1. htwaits

    Lowell, you are right. I agree.

    February 3rd, 2013 11:28 pm

  2. Jumbo Shrimp

    You are full of it sometimes. Smith would have p00ped himself thrice in that game…

    February 3rd, 2013 11:33 pm

  3. markthompsontv

    U ARE wrong. Missed tackles, off sides, poor kick coverage–what does any of that have to do w/ Alex Smith?

    9ers 1st half through the opening kickoff of 2nd half was awful in the extreme and it was primarily DEFENSE.

    Sorry L but u need to look at game again..


    February 4th, 2013 12:38 am

  4. Johnc

    Kaepernick made one mistake the first half. The rest of the blunders, missed tackles, ruptured duck completions, offsides etc. were on the rest of the team. I can’t imagine Smith being able to complete a pass downfield or in short range aganist the Ravens.
    He is a nice man but I think he was propped up for a year and a half by the defense. The Niners could have had a manikin at quarterback for a long stretch until the middle of this season when Kap took over. Lucky for the Niners.

    February 4th, 2013 2:00 am

  5. Hope

    I have been saying the same things. Very conflicted because Kap is high risk high reward, but the defense has suffered due to this. The offense is dynamic at times, but awful the others. The defense is on the field too often and it has showed. The offense has been slow, during the playoffs falling behind. Smith was known for his short yardage and Gore’s running game, long drives, most importantly keeping the other team’s offense off the field.

    February 4th, 2013 5:20 am

  6. JWPolley

    First half letdown, 2 yard line and you can’t punch it in, go for a field goal, haunting. Second half end of game on the 5 yard line and you throw to the same receiver three times, where was kippersnacks creative running ability. At that point he looked like a rookie. Alex could not have gotten it done either, the Ravens were just a better team yesterday.

    February 4th, 2013 6:52 am

  7. Jim Bancroft

    Spelling aside I’ll side with markthompson. Unless Smith plays both ways, there’s nothing his presence in the huddle could have done to help Chris Culliver get within 10 yards of a receiver, or wake Aldon Smith from his game-long slumber or help the special teams guys cover on kickoffs.

    That said, he probably wouldn’t have thrown the interception Kaepernick did and could maybe have extended a few drives in the first half. I’ll also disagree with Lowell regarding the blackout and who it hurt. Momentum is everything and without that timeout this could have disintegrated into a Cowboys/Bills, Bears/Patriots SB.

    February 4th, 2013 9:11 am

  8. CohnZohn

    Jim Bancroft, Thanks for your comments as always. I want to emphasize that in my Alex Smith blog I mostly was wishing him well in his life to come. I was not saying he is better than Kaepernick or would have pulled out the win.

    February 4th, 2013 9:14 am

  9. Big D

    We wish Alex well. He was a class act throughout this process. How’s this sound- Alex Smith and Chris Culliver packaged to the Jets for Darrell Revis???

    February 4th, 2013 9:55 am

  10. loneraider78

    Not sure I agree with this. Kaepernick was sacked three times, and one would have to reason that the number would’ve been larger if Smith were playing. I think they would’ve teed off on him, just like they did last year.

    Interestingly enough, Smith or no Smith, the 49ers really lost this game on third down–including Jones’ highlight reel TD on 3rd and 10. When it all said and done, Baltimore was 9/16, and SF was just 2/9.

    So, obviously the problem runs deeper than the QB. I know Roman is in everyone’s crosshairs, and that stat is glaring.

    February 4th, 2013 10:07 am

  11. Frank in Minnesota

    All the best for this excellent young man…..

    February 4th, 2013 10:40 am

  12. Robert

    I completely agree with your opinion about Alex Smith. No question he is a great sportsman. I also wish him the best.

    I think the Niners should trade him to the NY Jets for a second round draft pick. I am not sure about Revis because of his salary demands.

    I think the Niners lost this game because of questionable play calling on the final drive. How about a pass to Frank Gore?

    February 4th, 2013 12:13 pm

  13. Greg

    Kaepernick threw for over 300 yards. Alex Smith has only thrown for 300 yards 3, may 4 times in his entire career. I think Smith’s career high is around 310. Kaepernick is already so far superior to Alex Smith it just plain silly. Smith moves the ball 7 or 8 yards at a throw. Smith would just be highly unlikely to be able to have engineered the comebacks against Atlanta or Baltimore.

    February 4th, 2013 1:32 pm

  14. Mark M

    This game had zip to do with Alex. No chance we even play that game with him dinking and dunking against the Pack and Falcons.

    February 4th, 2013 1:38 pm

  15. Hoferfan67


    CK as you point out is stylistically different than AS. Some think “game manager” is a bad word. Sometimes controlling the time of possession and moving the chains is a good strategic move that leads to a win. We’ll never know if AS could have kept the 9ers close enough in this game to ultimately win it. CK has superior athleticism, especially his running skills. AS is better at reading defenses now, but CK will learn in time. Yes, I wish AS well, wherever he lands.

    February 4th, 2013 7:25 pm

  16. MJ

    So sick of hearing the “dink and dunk” bs from “..fans..”. If you remember before Harbaugh came into Smiths career all anyone said about him was he had no touch on his short and intermediate passes but boy he could really throw a great long ball. Then these last two seasons its: he’s good in the short passing but can’t throw it past X amount of yards. Can’t have it both ways people. There is a video of Smith in his 2nd season, all 22 years of age of him throwing 40 yard and 50 yard passes to the “great” “receiving” corp of Antonio Bryant, Arnaz Battle, Brian Gillmore and Taylor Jacobs (both great and receiving are in quotes cause its a joke to consider either such). watch if you doubt : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX-1RoWiJk8

    And again, before Harbaugh came into Smiths career, Smith had the 2nd best redzone TD to INT ration in the NFL, trailing only Aaron Rodgers at the time. Suddenly with Harbaugh Smith was asked to not make mistakes, to take whats open and the offense was run first always in the Red Zone. Anyone doubt that if it was Smith qb-ing the last 4 plays that it wouldn’t have been Gore on 3 of 4 plays, something everyone wanted them to do?

    And lastly, this idea that Smith wouldnt have been able to pull off the comeback is beyond ridiculous. 2011 he had, what, 6 comeback wins for the Niners, a league best tie with Eli? Do we all somehow forget the offensive comeback vs the Eagles that really sparked that season, or the total offensive output vs the BEST offense in the NFL in the Saints that capped that season? I know for a fact that there is no way that game is as lopsided as it was going into half. And its very doubtful that the Ravens are putting more than 24 on the board all game. I see a game more resembling the NFC championship game than anything else.

    But Smith is gone here, sad that he didnt have a chance to win a SB before he left. For me, its crazy, but once Smith was replaced my emotional connection to this season stopped, all that anticipation to see what the team that got so close last year was going to do ceased to exist. And again, Smith was 6-2 and dont have any doubt he could have led them to the SB.

    February 4th, 2013 11:19 pm

  17. mbabco

    Smith is definitely a class act.

    February 5th, 2013 3:54 am

  18. Dave T

    I wish Alex Smith well and hope he has an opportunity to play and show tht he is a good NFL Quarterback, I for one would love to have him a the back up to Ben in Pittsburgh. Give him tools like that team has on offense and I believe he will flourish, just my opinion.

    And just for the record, anyone remember the run and shoot offense that Detroit ran with Barry Sanders and company? Great and prolific offense, horrid defense that could not stop the other team. That defense was always tired and “beat up” by the end of the game because they got worn out. You need balance in the NFL, on offense, and defense. All of the best teams in NFL history have had that, and certainly every “dynasty”. I suggest that the Niners brass go back and look at those tapes of the Niner glory years and see that balance tht brought them championships. And the other “dynasty” teams as well: Dallas, Pittsburgh, New England. There is a reason those teams have so many Superbowls and appearances in the title game.

    February 5th, 2013 11:39 am

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