Conventional wisdom — the stuff I’ve been reading — says the Superdome blackout helped the Niners. It took away the Raven’s momentum, blah blah. No. It helped the Ravens’ defense. Those guys are old and slow and they were gassed after the first half. The blackout gave them a blow and allowed them to hang on. Let’s be clear on what really happened.

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  1. Dennis

    If the Ravens defense was well rested after the blackout they sure had a funny way of showing it. How many point did the Niners drop on them after the blackout?

    February 4th, 2013 10:21 am

  2. Seattle Niner

    In the same vein, I think it was a mistake to not try to run a play before the 2 min warning at the end of the game. The Ravens were on their heels.

    I know the flip-side is maybe we score and they have 1:56 or something to mount a comeback, but I felt like the Niners had their foot on the Ravens throats, and let them up.

    February 4th, 2013 11:26 am

  3. B-Rad

    When the Ravens played Denver 3 weeks ago, the Broncos scored:
    14 – in quarter 1
    7 – in quarter 2
    7 – in quarter 3
    7 – in quarter 4
    0 – in 2 OT’s


    The Ravens D may be old and a bit slow, but they’re in condition.

    February 4th, 2013 2:56 pm

  4. terryc

    Good insight, Lowell!! Never thought of that because it’s really hard to block out the talking heads in the Sports Media and their take on things.

    Very interesting and thoughtful insight! Kudos to you!

    February 5th, 2013 5:10 pm

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