Judging from the early returns — exit polls? — on my Jim Harbaugh column, readers are upset with me for asking Harbaugh about his in-game behavior and for writing about it. I’d like to add two points to the column.

1. Harbaugh is the CEO of the Niners during a game. A CEO should act more calmly when he is performing his job.

2. Harbaugh’s team laid an egg in the first quarter against the Falcons and Ravens. The 49ers were able to come back and beat the Falcons. They could not overcome the big early deficit and beat the Ravens, who led the entire game. Here’s my theory for what it’s worth. The Niners play to the personality of their head coach. Harbaugh is tightly wound and doesn’t loosen up until later in the game. The team comes out tight just like the coach and cannot get into its rhythm until later. If Harbaugh were calmer, the team would — might — do better early and not have to claw its way back.