This is a Lowell meets Lowell story. There are very few of those.

It’s just that the 49ers have in camp an undrafted rookie cornerback named Lowell Rose. Be still my heart. In my whole life, I’ve met one, maybe two, Lowells. I’ve been a lonely man.

I asked the 49ers public relations department if they could set up a one on one with Lowell Rose and they kindly arranged it. They were pretty clever about the whole thing. They told Lowell Rose a reporter wanted to interview him, but they didn’t tell him my name or that I wanted to discuss the Lowellness of Lowell with another Lowell.

When I told Lowell Rose I too am Lowell, he took a step back out of pure shock. It took him a moment to catch his breath. I asked if he ever met another Lowell.

Lowell Rose: I was on an airplane and I sat next to a dude. He asked me what my name was. I said Lowell and he went, ‘Oh, man, we have the same name.’

Lowell Cohn: Does it feel strange for you to meet a Lowell?

Lowell Rose: It is. It’s really weird because I know there’s only a couple of us out there. It’s like we’re a different species or something. Wow. I’m kind of shocked right now.

Lowell Cohn: How do you feel about being a Lowell, you like being a Lowell?

Lowell Rose: It’s cool. The funny thing is when I meet people for the first time I always have to tell them my name three times because they don’t get it.

Lowell Cohn: I have to spell it.

Lowell Rose: Yeah, I’m like Lowell. ‘Huh?’ Lowell. Then I have to spell it out. Usually I tell people, ‘Just call me Low.’

Lowell Cohn: This morning I went to a shop for a cup of coffee and when they were preparing it I had to give my name. I never say Lowell because they can’t get it. This morning I said Sonny.

Lowell Rose: I usually give them Rose, my last name. I want to avoid — my name’s Lowell, my name’s Lowell. It’s pretty funny.

Lowell Cohn: Have you ever heard of another athlete with the first name Lowell?

Lowell Rose: Not first, just Mike Lowell the baseball player with the last name.

Lowell Cohn: You’re the first Lowell I’ve ever covered. Do you know how you got the name?

Lowell Rose: My grandmother on my dad’s side lost a child after three days and his name was Lowell. My dad and my grandmother wanted to name me Lowell. Also everybody on my dad’s side our names start with an L.

Lowell Cohn: Have you ever wished you were named something ordinary like Bill?

Lowell Rose: One time in elementary I told people to start calling me Kevin. It didn’t stick. Then in college one of my teammates called me Kev all the time. I’ve had a lot of nicknames with the word Low in it. In high school I played running back. They called me L-Train.

So, dear reader, that’s two Lowells talking to each other. My life is finally complete.