Here is the opening to my Sunday column about the settlement the NFL made with former players about concussions and brain trauma:

Come one. Come all. It’s time to dump on the NFL.

One local writer likened the league to the totalitarian government of North Korea, although last anyone heard, the NFL has no nukes, no army, no wacko dictator.

But OK. Dump away.

It’s all about concussions and the class action lawsuit of former players, and how the players and the league just settled. The league pays former players — even ones not in the class action suit — 765 million bucks.

That’s a lot of bucks by anyone’s reckoning, but disgruntled sports writers who never suffered a concussion except falling down drunk in a bar say it’s not enough because the league earns as much as some countries, and it got off cheap and the league is immoral and, well, dump on.

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