Just took a look at the field down here. A large wide rectangle about 100 yards long has no grass on it. This is about 50 hours before the game.

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  1. Rob

    Shocking. Will the game go on, as scheduled, this Sunday?
    Might the venue be changed?

    August 22nd, 2014 1:06 pm

  2. Streetglide

    The stadium is the bookend to the new Bay Bridge…

    August 22nd, 2014 1:52 pm

  3. Donald

    And this post was 9 hours ago!! Guess what? There’s grass now!

    August 22nd, 2014 8:43 pm

  4. Rob

    Just read your latest on the grass fiasco. Look, the 49ers PR Chief, Bob Lange, all too often gets a pass on how the team manages its PR. Lange’s just as much at fault and deserves to be fingered as well. If he can’t convince York and the rest of 49ers management and staff to do things right from a PR perspective, he should just resign. From everything I’ve read and heard over the years, I just don’t think he’s very good at his job, especially compared to his counterparts on other teams — think Kevin Byrne, the PR VP with the Ravens who’s
    doing masterful work.

    August 23rd, 2014 7:00 pm

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