Here is a link to my Sunday column about the 49ers grass fiasco. The full text runs below:

The 49ers were trying to keep a secret — the field in Levi’s Stadium was dangerous at all speeds. It sucked.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jim Harbaugh had yanked his players off the field, in front of fans, because players were falling down on the slick grass and might hurt themselves, and because clumps of the alleged miracle sod were coming loose. After one exhibition game.

KTVU’s NewsChopper 2, in close communication with Sal back at Channel 2 studios, flew by the stadium at 8:41 a.m. Thursday morning. NewsChopper 2 took photos. NewsChopper 2 tweeted the photos. What did we see? No grass in the amazing new stadium, from sideline to sideline and end zone to end zone. Grass still lay in the end zones and on the sidelines. You might say the stadium was half-grassed. You might say Jed York and his lieutenants were half-grassed.

It’s never good to be half-grassed.

It’s even worse when you’re trying to keep a secret you never should keep from Sal and NewsChopper 2 — and us.

The 49ers handled the Grass Fiasco the worst way. Until they finally handled it right. This is a classic tale of mismanagement, reflecting badly on Jed. I’m talking to you, Jed.

Before NewsChopper 2 tweeted the truth about the field, the 49ers had issued only one statement relating to the Grass Fiasco. This was not an official statement. This was a tweet from a public relations guy. “We have determined the appropriate measures necessary to have the field ready for Sunday and look forward to hosting the San Diego Chargers.”

That was nice to know. The tweet, which arrived Wednesday afternoon, never stated what the problem was, nor did it explain the solution. Nor was it an official statement from the team. The team makes official statements on an official form via email. This casual, unofficial statement was trying to obscure things more than explain things.

Jed, God love him, wanted all the praise for the stadium when things were going well. Go to the Levi’s Stadium website — yes, it has a website. Read about the Bourbon and Steak Pub at the stadium: “Features elements of a modern American steakhouse showcasing creative interpretations of classic dishes.”


Drive to the stadium and take a tour of the 49ers museum.


Read this description of the stadium, provided by the 49ers: “Levi’s Stadium is one of the world’s best outdoor sports and entertainment venues.”

Great. But can you get the grass right?

When things went wrong, Jed wanted none of the blame. He pretended no problem existed. He hid under his bed. He tried to sneak the re-sodding of the bad field past the entire civilized world.

Sal and the chopper outed you, Jed.

Even after KTVU tweeted the photos, the 49ers stayed mum. They allowed Thursday to pass without a syllable about their big problem. Conveniently for them, no media access had been scheduled for Thursday. The schedule came out long before the Grass Fiasco.

Then came Friday, Jim Harbaugh’s day to talk in the fancy new auditorium. It’s revealing that the Niners perfected the auditorium before they perfected the grass.

The Niners mandate that the media stay in their holding pen until a PR person leads them to the auditorium. The PR guy usually leads us along a certain route which gives a field view. On Friday, he took another route which did not give a field view. More Jed sneakiness.

But Jed was dealing with journalists. Any journalist worth his paycheck already had walked to the field and looked around. I sure did. No field in place.

Now came the big moment, the moment Jed hung Harbaugh out to dry. Harbaugh walked onto the stage where he answers football questions. Today the subject was grass. Here is a sample of the Q & A.

Q: What’s your understanding of what’s going on with the field right now and will it be ready for Sunday’s game?

A: My understanding is yes. What’s going on is a new grass field is being put down and will be ready for Sunday.

Q: What were your concerns that led you to call off, to shut down practice a couple of days ago?

A: I just felt like there was too much slipping going on. And, as it relates to the field, the action’s been taken. We’re refitting, regrouping, retooling and the new field is going in. Once again, it’s our organization, we can count on them to always do things at the highest level and that’s what’s in process now and look forward to playing the game on Sunday.”

Q: Has anyone told you why it wasn’t better and the fact that it was a lot worse on Wednesday?

A: No. And as far as diving into this and peeling back the onion, what for? We are getting a new field in. It will be in there for Sunday. It will be very good for this week. Our organization will always do things at the highest level.”

Q: But, is there no concern that they couldn’t get it right the first time, they might not be able to get it right the second time? There’s no concern about that?

A: We’re regrouping, retooling. What more can I say about it? We can count on our organization to always do things at the highest level.”

Let’s interrupt Harbaugh a moment and say the organization did not do things at the highest level. The grass wasn’t at the highest level.

And asking Harbaugh, a football coach, to get grilled by reporters about grass was at the lowest level.

Then I asked two questions:

Cohn: Are you an expert on grass?

Harbaugh: I am not. I am not.

Cohn: How do you like talking for the organization about grass?

Harbaugh: I think I’ve done well. I think I’ve handled your questions honestly and accurately and we’re going to make it right. It’ll be right. We have total confidence in that. What more is there to whittle away at here?

Harbaugh was being a good sport, taking the hit for Jed. No way Jed should have allowed Harbaugh to answer a single question about a single blade of grass. Jed should have brought in a grass expert to address the media so his coach didn’t have to squirm.

I’m talking to you, Jed.

Later, the 49ers sent out a news release — not a tweet — announcing high school football games scheduled for late August at Levi’s Stadium had been rescheduled for October. That made sense considering the 49ers may have to put down yet another field after the Chargers exhibition game. Nowhere in the release did the Niners explain why they are changing the schedule. More Jed sneakiness.

Finally, Jed made a grass guy available to the media on Friday afternoon. The man spoke candidly and at length and assured the media it is not unusual for fields to get replaced. He said he will solve the problem. This man should have spoken on Thursday. The 49ers should have been totally candid about their problem from the get-go. That’s how you get everyone on your side. “Oh, Jed screwed up the grass. It could happen to anyone. He’s doing his best to fix it.”

Instead, Jed gave the story national importance by being sneaky and he embarrassed his coach and he made things worse than they were. Jed has come a long way. Jed still has lots to learn.

I’m talking to you, Jed.

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  1. David

    WOW! You’re really reaching now to have something to criticize and write another negative article. An excess of words to make your point. We get it, you don’t like how the 49’ers treat the media. You want to play and they won’t let you.

    August 23rd, 2014 9:47 pm

  2. htwaits

    Just in case. Total organic material after processing by bovine creatures.

    August 23rd, 2014 10:34 pm

  3. Hoosgow

    Totally agree Lowell. And do we now have confidence that there will not be turf-related injuries on Sunday? That’s really the major issue – whether we can trust that the field is safe. The people who installed the grass originally obviously weren’t expert at this. They didn’t realize on Wednesday before practice that the field was not playable. Do we trust them now to know that the field will be in playing condition on Sunday? Jed should address that too.

    August 24th, 2014 12:15 am

  4. mike

    I saw in the Sac Bee where Mr. Guido stated that they knew the sod would not hold up in the first place when they laid it down in April. Why would they initially put down sod which they knew would not hold up under the wear and tear of football players? After all, it is a football stadium.

    August 24th, 2014 6:52 am

  5. Rob

    The 49ers PR Chief, Bob Lange, all too often gets a pass on how the team manages its PR. Lange’s just as much at fault and deserves to take some blame as well. If he can’t convince York and the rest of 49ers management and staff to do things right from a PR perspective, he should just get out. Time after time, Lange has blown it from a PR perspective, especially compared to his counterparts on other teams — think Kevin Byrne, the PR VP with the Ravens who’s done masterful work for the most part under Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh.

    August 24th, 2014 8:39 am

  6. Brady

    It was not just a PR guy, the 49ers Twitter also posted the aforementioned tweet on Wednesday.

    August 24th, 2014 3:15 pm

  7. Real Neal

    Oh come on Lowell, really you remind me of the old whining people in South Fla.

    August 24th, 2014 3:23 pm

  8. Dr Feelgood

    While we’re at it, did anyone else have this experience?
    If I didn’t know the grass had been replaced, well, I wouldn’t know it had been replaced. The grass was fine.
    However- I am very displeased with the sound at Levi’s.
    After a play has been run, some guy gives a recap over the PA system. You know, something like “Frank Gore run to the 22 for 2 yards”. I sit on about the 30 yd line in the east side upper deck most times I cannot hear that PA. This may not sound like a big deal (pun intended), but it is analogous to being deaf. Since one not always can see the players numbers, it would be nice to know who was involved in the last play, and also information about challenges, penalties, etc, etc.
    Maybe the PA guy just needs to speak louder?

    August 24th, 2014 5:58 pm

  9. k.g.

    This isn’t a first for the ownership of the 49ers…As a San Franciscan who voted in 1997 to have Candlestick replaced the Yorks never told us why, or apologize to us for not honoring our votes?! Most NFL teams that remove a team from its namesake City, has the blessings from the elected officials, & its citizens…Every avenue is exhausted to keep the team in the namesake City, the Yorks did none of that! San Franciscans did “not” want the 49ers to move their stadium 44 miles south on Highway 101!

    Every single reason as to why the Yorks had to remove the 49ers from a City had been woven into the fabric of SF for nearly 70 years, became null, & void to the Yorks.

    Ownerships reasons to leave SF: Old Stadium, we in SF agreed, and voted to replace, access, transit, over whelming crowd, fan experience to tailgate?!?! These are still Major problems at Levi’s, plus the venue is located in a bad location!!

    August 25th, 2014 9:54 pm

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