I’ve been around Jim Tomsula only a few times, so I’m still trying to read him and understand him. He spoke to the media Thursday night after the first round of the draft ended. He is an expressive man, puts everything into his words and uses his hands when he talks. He comes across as a nice guy, a straightahead guy. He seems sincere. Sometimes I don’t understand him, but sometimes people don’t understand me.

He was patient on Thursday night and answered all questions, didn’t duck anything. He did lots of sweating. He may have been nervous about meeting us, being judged by us. Or he may be a guy who sweats a lot — rivulets of sweat flowing down his temples. It’s no crime to sweat.

I have my doubts about him as a coach. He will address my doubts — lots of people’s doubts — starting in a few months. I also have doubts about Trent Baalke and Jed York in their roles. I am troubled that few former 49ers coaches wanted to stay on and work with Tomsula. What really does that mean?