Of course Tom Coughlin would be a good coach for the 9ers. Very good choice. Better than Hue Jackson. But it’s curious the 9ers asked permission to speak to him.

It must mean they don’t think they’ll get Jackson, who’s hot at the moment. It must mean Jackson and others don’t see Santa Clara as a desirable destination, that goes double for the 9ers.

Coughlin has won two Super Bowls. He may be a Hall of Fame coach. But he’s an East Coast guy and he’s 69. The 9ers seemed intent on youth. Why would a 69-year-old coach want a rebuilding team? Doesn’t seem a good mix for Coughlin or Jed York.

The 9ers may interview him to pick his brain on how to put together an organization. It could be a fact-finding interview. But if the 9ers happen to hire him, I say great.