Steve Kerr just explained why Curry will not play tonight:

“We talked to him after shootaround. He felt pretty good. He wanted to play. But ultimately we didn’t feel comfortable after four straight days of inactivity, throwing him into the middle of a playoff game not knowing how the ankle would respond. We felt a lot more comfortable putting him through a three-on-three tomorrow, probably a five-on-five on Saturday and really seeing if he’s OK or not. Wasn’t worth the risk if we had put him out there tonight and he reinjured it. It’s too big of a risk. Hopefully he’ll be ready to go for Game 4. Very easy decision weighing the pluses and the minuses.”

Is he expected to play Sunday?

“We’re hoping. Without having done anything for four days, no conditioning, no rhythm, no actual live contact, it would have been irresponsible to put him out there.”