Something has been lingering with me about this whole Kaepernick deal. I’ll express it the best I can. Sometimes people who advocate a cause, who advocate for social justice aren’t very nice people. I’m not saying all of the time or most of the time. Just some of the time. I have noticeed this.

Kaepernick, until this season, was not nice. I only know him in my contact with him as a media member — he may be lovely to family and friends. But he was relentlessly rude and crummy to all of us, not just me. And this was when he was a good player. I never understood why. He wasn’t as ill-mannered as Barry Bonds, but close.

So, I see this. A man who has treated me and my friends shabbily complaining that America does not treat certain people well. Of course, he’s right about the second point. It’s just that some people can be nice to other people in general, to people they don’t know. But in their relations with individual people — me and my son Grant and Matt Maiocco and Eric Branch and Cam Inman and Matt Barrows and Janie McCauley — they act badly.

I think people should be nice on the macro and micro levels. I wish Kaepernick had thought micro before he went all macro.


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