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Roger Goodell takes another hit

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about Roger Goodell. The full text runs below: What we learned is this: The NFL owners run their league like the Mafia runs its rackets. The Patriots cheat. Some of the Patriots’ wins, even in Super Bowls, are suspicious — as in not on the level. And Roger Goodell is a tool. ESPN.com just came out with an article putting Deflategate into context. And that context is the New England Patriots’ scandal known… Read More »

NFL should not add more playoff teams

Here is a link to my Friday column about the NFL’s desire to add more playoff teams. The full text runs below: The brain trust of the National Football League will consider a proposal to further screw up their product. At next week’s league meetings, the NFL competition committee will suggest adding two teams to the postseason lineup beginning in 2015. If you’re keeping count — and you may need a calculator for this — that would raise the number… Read More »

NFL desire to ban hate speech, a bad idea

Here is a link to my Wednesday column about the NFL and awful language and what the NFL wants to do about it. The full column runs below: This is about the N-word and the National Football League. The N-word is so bad I can’t even write the actual word. I imply it. I suggest it with that little dash and the word “word.” But you know what the word is. It is a curse word, something I can’t write… Read More »

NFL and concussions

Here is the opening to my Sunday column about the settlement the NFL made with former players about concussions and brain trauma: Come one. Come all. It’s time to dump on the NFL. One local writer likened the league to the totalitarian government of North Korea, although last anyone heard, the NFL has no nukes, no army, no wacko dictator. But OK. Dump away. It’s all about concussions and the class action lawsuit of former players, and how the players… Read More »

The grill-mask controversy and the NFL

Here is the opening to my Thursday column: A controversy about face masks is raging through the National Football League. You may not know about it, but the controversy rages, and it’s significant. Several defensive players have worn newly-designed, highly-protective face masks to practice. They want to wear them in games. The league told them no. The Colts’ Robert Mathis, a premier pass rusher, a five-time Pro Bowler, was wearing a model that looks like a grill with crisscrossed bars… Read More »

Follow up to do-you-like-girls post

Greg Aiello, who runs media relations for the NFL and is a good guy, sent me this information about a team allegedly asking a draft prospect about his sexual orientation at the Combine. I share it with you: Lowell: We are in the process of reviewing the matter. Here is the statement we issued after learning of the report: Like all employers, our teams are expected to follow applicable federal, state and local employment laws.  It is league policy to… Read More »

NFL teams not allowed to ask if draft prospects like girls

Here is the opening to my Sunday column: There is something fundamentally abhorrent about the NFL Scouting Combine, recently concluded. Coaches and team executives put prospects through all kinds of drills and ask all kinds of questions. They treat them like slaves. The NFL slaves can’t decide which teams they will go to. They have no freedom of choice. True, differences exist between real slaves and NFL slaves. NFL slaves make a free choice to enter the draft in the… Read More »

Tagliabue overturns Goodell

Not sure what to make of Tagliabue overturning Goodell. Obviously, Goodell acted hastily with his punishments. Obviously, he had the wisdom to involve Tagliablue who obviously is an independent guy. New Orleans still did very bad things and the coaching staff was horrible and I don’t think the players were that wonderful, either. But I have no problem with the players’ sentences being overturned. What about you?

Should Chiefs play Panthers?

It is such a sad story, the Chiefs’ Jovan Belcher murdering his girlfriend, then committing suicide in front of Chiefs’ coaches. It is unimaginable. I still think the Chiefs and Panthers should play on Sunday. Please don’t think I am insensitive. Both teams should suit up and play. You cancel games, I believe, only for a national tragedy or something of that magnitude — you could define that kind of tragedy any way you like. What would you do if… Read More »