AMC cancels The Killing

AMC canceled The Killing. What a shame.

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Thank goodness for Netflix. Because Mrs. Cohn Zohn and I are pretty sick -- we've been reduced to the chicken soup level -- we are watching all kinds of TV series we mostly get from Netflix. We are in the first season of Homeland which I like a lot. We [...]

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Boardwalk Empire

Mrs. Cohn Zohn rented the first season of Boardwalk Empire. Last night we watched the first episode. I liked it a lot. Steve Buscemi is special in anything he does. The direction by Martin Scorsese was brilliant and I found myself intrigued by the moral underworld the show portrayed. Mrs. [...]

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Game of Thrones

At the Cohn Zohn we don't get HBO or Showtime, so we rent TV series from Netflix and watch them all at once. It's fun to do it that way. We just finished the first season of Game of Thrones, which came highly recommended. I like the show but I [...]

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TV shows I like

I don't watch television, except that I do. We get dramatic shows through NetFlix, and here are some I currently like: Damages In Treatment Mad Men Justified Dexter True Blood Tell me yours. If you don't care to go on Facebook, you can write to me through Grant's Niners blog. [...]

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True Blood

Neal, this one is not for you. Mrs. Cohn Zohn and I seem to be addicted to the TV show "True Blood." Our friends Val and Gary Furness are in the same boat. At the Cohn Zohn we don't get HBO or Showtime so we rent various TV series from [...]

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