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Huffington Post runs story about Andris Biedrins

I apologize for revisiting the Andris Biedrins photo story. I thought one blog entry would be enough. It’s just that there’s been a new development. The Huffington Post picked up on the story and ran its own article with links to the two photos in question. I am not encouraging you to view the photos. I merely am reporting the facts. Why is this article in the Huffington Post a new development? Because now the Warriors and Biedrins are national… Read More »

Andris Biedrins X-rated photos

I keep the level of discourse high on this blog. So, I’m taking a chance here — for a reason. Two photos of a man who appears to be Andris Biedrins have gone viral on the net. They are X-rated photos. I will not describe them and I will not tell you how to access them. That’s not my job. My job is to draw a conclusion. If this man really is Biedrins — he’s sure a dead ringer —… Read More »

How Warriors could dump Biedrins

Andris Biedrins is an albatross around the neck of the Warriors, which means he’s an awful center and he brings down the team and they’d be better off without him and his $9 million annual salary. Because we here at the Cohn Zohn care about the public interest, not to mention the interest of Warriors fans, I have come up with a possible solution to the Biedrins problem — a possible way the Warriors can get rid of him with… Read More »