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Major League Baseball goes after the bad guys

Here is the opening to my Thursday column about Baseball’s latest attempt to suspend drug cheaters: Major League Baseball is trying to get the bad guys. Good for Major League Baseball. By the bad guys, I don’t mean crooks or murderers or spies, nothing as sinister as that. I’m talking about the drug-cheating liars who are messing up the national pastime. Some are repeat cheaters. Some are the biggest names in baseball. They are bad guys. To read the entire… Read More »

Et tu Bartolo (Colon)

The latest clown to be suspended for testosterone is the A’s Bartolo Colon. His was another feel-good story until we learned it and he were frauds. At this rate, the A’s and Giants may run out of players to drug suspensions. Hey, do you think performance-enhancing drugs are rampant in baseball? Not a chance.

Bartolo Colon’s bionic arm

I’m here at the Something or Other Coliseum watching the A’s play the Yankees — the Yanks lead 3-0 after one. 38 year old Bartolo Colon is pitching for NY. He’s controversial these days because of a surgery he received. He missed all of last season and hasn’t done much since winning the Cy Young in 2005. In his arm surgery he received stem cells and perhaps HGH. Baseball is investigating. All I can say is Colon is rotuinely throwing… Read More »