Newton vs. Kaepernick, who gets the love?

Here's a link to my Thursday column about Newton and Kaepernick.

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Manning tired of Newton questions

Here's a link to my Wednesday column about Manning on Newton

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At least 15 quarterbacks who would improve 49ers right now

I woke up with an idea buzzing around my head. How many quarterbacks in the NFL are capable of making the 49ers offense better than it is with Alex Smith in charge? And who are they? Here are 15 off the top of my head – i.e. almost half the [...]

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Cam Newton vs. Alex Smith round two

This is the story that just won't die. Cam Newton was given a chance by a reporter to respond to Alex Smith today -- to Smith's comments pointing out that Newton and the Panthers scored a lot of points but didn't win a lot of games last season. This was [...]

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Alex Smith and Cam Newton

For what it's worth, I believe Alex Smith made a mistake calling out Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers with no provocation. I hope you agree. If you don't, please tell me why. I don't think Smith's statements prove he has guts or has become a leader. I think his [...]

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Baalke on: Newton, Gabbert, Locker, Mallett

At his Wednesday pre-draft news conference, Trent Baalke discussed 4 top QB candidates. See if you can guess which, if any, the Niners are interested in. Cam Newton: “From a spread offense that has as coach said, “a lot of physical talent.” He’s got arm strength. He’s got athleticism. He’s [...]

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Cam Newton unprepared for NFL

I was listening to Damon Bruce earlier today. I like to listen to Damon. He had a boffo segment playing parts of Jon Gruden interviews with quarterbacks. In an older interview Gruden asked Colt McCoy to call a play on the air, any play he had called at Texas. McCoy [...]

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That Cam Newton thing

I'm reading the papers this morning and there's a lot of Cam Newton stuff. How Newton was the big news at the combine and how he made an entrance and how he got the superstar treatment and blah blah blah. Look, Newton was a very good college quarterback. He is [...]

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49ers should not draft Cam Newton

Congratulations to Cam Newton for winning the Tostito Whatever Bowl. He is very impressive. If he is available when the 49ers draft in the first round, should San Francisco take him? Clearly, Jim Harbaugh will have an informed opinion about this. My opinion is NO!. The Niners should draft defense. [...]

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