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Eric Davis out at 49ers

Eric Davis is being replaced by Tim Ryan as 49ers’ radio analyst. Rich Lieberman wrote a post analyzing the move. Here is a link to why he thinks Davis is no longer with the Niners: http://richliebermanreport.blogspot.com/2014/01/why-eric-davis-was-really-booted-from.html?spref=tw

Ted Robinson and Eric Davis

I feel sorry for Ted Robinson and Eric Davis. I drove over to the Coliseum this morning where I’ll be covering the Raiders’ game and I was listening on the radio to Ted and Eric announce the Niners’ game vs. the Jaguars. They had to act excited like it’s a real game, like it really was being contested. I understand it’s their job to act excited and say the Niners look good, are really clicking, etc. I would do the… Read More »

Gary Plummer out, Eric Davis in

Gary Plummer is out as radio analyst on 49ers game. Eric Davis is in. I always liked Plummer — I found him honest and unafraid and he knows his football. Davis also is honest and unafraid and knows his football. I don’t, however, know how he will perform on a weekly basis as an analyst because he hasn’t done it. What do you think about this change?

Maiocco debates Eric Davis re: Alex Smith

Matt Maiocco wrote a fascinating blog about his debate with Eric Davis concerning whether or not Alex Smith has a chance of returning next season to the 49ers. Davis says no way; Matt says don’t rule it out. I tend to agree with Davis. I mean, why bring back Smith? But there’s one thing I want to add. Davis keeps saying he trusts Jed York to do the right thing and to see the big picture. To which I ask,… Read More »