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Should fan have given Matsui back the ball?

Grant wrote a controversial piece today for ComcastSportsNet Bay Area while I was out and doing other things. He argued that the fan who caught the ball that was Hideki Matsui’s 500th career home run had no obligation to return it to Matsui, in fact would have been a dope to do it. The same goes for Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit. I won’t reveal Grant’s argument except to say I agree with him. To read what he wrote click here.

Is Hideki Matsui all used up

I spent Memorial Day at the Oakland Coliseum looking at the A’s get shut out by the Yankees and thinking about Hideki Matsui who used to be a very good New York Yankee. He hasn’t been a very good Oakland Athletic — he’s batting .222 and isn’t hitting with much power. I wonder if he’s all used up. I spoke with him after the game and wrote my Tuesday column about him. To read it click here.

All things Matsui

I’m so sorry about what happened in Japan, that terrible earthquake. This morning (Friday) Hideki Matsui came to Phoenix Municipal Stadium and spoke to the assembled Japanese media about what took place in their homeland. For my Saturday column, I wrote about that scene and I additionally wrote about how much media there is in Arizona to cover Matsui and how much media will travel to Oakland to cover him in the regular season. It’s astounding and fascinating. To read… Read More »