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Kaepernick, Ira Miller & Professionalism

Here is a link to my Sunday 49ers column. The full text runs below: Ira Miller wrote me an email early last week. Ira and I covered the 49ers together for a long time and are close friends. Ira, now retired and living outside Chicago, was the best football beat writer in America for decades. You know all that. The subject line on his email read: “Disgusting.” “That the 49ers didn’t make Kaepernick talk. Just disgusting. No accountability.” That was… Read More »

Lowell’s big adventure

Tomorrow, I start my big adventure, ending with covering the 49ers-Packers game on Sunday. That’s a big game. Grant and I fly to Chicago, take public transit to somewhere or other where Ira Miller will pick us up. We’re sleeping at his house — Ira already picked out the wine for dinner. On Saturday, Grant and I drive to Appleton, Wisconsin to our hotel. We’re having dinner that night with Maiocco and Barrows who are at our hotel. Ostler is… Read More »

Grant and Ira Miller — from the print edition of the PD

I mentioned earlier today that Grant had done two versions of his interview with Ira Miller. One was a long and unedited version that Grant put on his website. The other was a much shorter, edited and focused version which ran Saturday in the print edition of the Press Democrat. Our editor, Jared Cowley, just put the print version on the web and I am linking to it here so you can see the difference between a raw transcript and… Read More »

Ira Miller on all things 49er (Grant interview)

Grant did a lengthy phone interview with Ira Miller the other day. They spoke about the famous 1981 49ers team which Ira covered and this season’s famous team. I am linking to Grant’s interview because, well, it’s so terrific and because Ira has a million things to say and face it, over here at the Cohn Zohn, we’re crazy about Ira. Grant also did an edited version of the interview which ran in the Press Democrat on Saturday. It wasn’t… Read More »

Ira Miller’s email

Many of you have asked if Ira Miller will appear on the Cohn Zohn as he did in the past. No. I would like him to but he can’t for various technical reasons. He and I discussed it recently and he invited you to email him directly with your questions. I am delighted to pass along his email. imiller@sportsxchange.com. So have at it. Ira, Grant and I will be in DC with the Niners on Nov. 6. Ira worked all… Read More »

From Ira Miller about Aaron Rodgers

Ira Miller had trouble posting this on the Zohn, so I’m doing it for him. Here goes: I remember speaking with Tedford about Rodgers before the 2005 draft, about the criticism Tedford had received that his quarterbacks don’t succeed in the NFL. The rap at the time was that Tedford coached up his college quarterbacks so well that they had reached their potential, or close to it, by the time they got to the NFL. We now know, of course,… Read More »

Ira Miller on Baalke and the 49ers

Imagine my surprise when I fired up my computer this morning and saw that Ira Miller had left two comments on the Zohn re: Trent Baalke and his suitability to be the Niners’ next GM. I phoned him and he said people on the Zohn had been asking for his opinion and he thought what the heck. So I copied his comments and now I’ll paste them below. I’m a technical idiot, so keep your fingers crossed this works. Here… Read More »

Ira Miller on 49ers vs. KPIX

Zohn readers have been clamoring for word from the great Ira Miller. They want to know what Ira makes of the flapdoodle between Mike Singletary and KPIX. We here at the Zohn aim to please. I phoned Ira, who was well aware of the controversy. Here is what he said: “It’s a coach’s show kind of thing. It’s a 49ers production. It’s not journalism. I would assume it’s a paid show. It’s a promotional vehicle.” Lowell: Do you think Singletary… Read More »