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Carson Palmer/Jason Campbell question

As you probably figured out I never made it to the Raiders game. Instead I watched it at home and went through an entire box of Kleenex with my annual fall cold. But I did see the game and Carson Palmer wasn’t so hot, but of course he’s entitled because he had been sitting on a couch and now he was in a real game. So, sure, we give him a break. Still, here’s a hypothetical. What if Palmer never… Read More »

Jason Campbell speaks post-injury

95.7 was kind enough to send me a transcript of their interview with Jason Campbell. I reprint it for you to read: On the injury: It’s frustrating.  I’d like be out with my teammates on Sunday.   Did you have a “Why me?” moment? Coming over here was a fresh start… I felt great about coming here… This year started off really good.  Overcoming so many obstacles… losing Mr. Davis. Still winning…  It’s such a big year for me and… Read More »

Blame Jason Campbell

My headline for this entry is “Blame Jason Campbell.” It means blame Campbell for the Raiders losing to the New England Patriots. I admit the headline is unfair. There are lots of reasons the Raiders got beat today. But Campbell stands out as Reason Number One. The interception he threw to Patrick Chung in the second quarter took the air out of the Coliseum, the O as they say. I admit that metaphor about taking the air out is a… Read More »

Raiders look good

This is really weird. I already wrote my Friday column from the Raiders game. The Press Democrat already posted it. And now I’m linking it to the Cohn Zohn. And get this, the game is still going on — is actually in the third quarter. I’ve never been so lickety split before. The reason? I wrote about the Raiders’ first-team offense. It was in the game for only two series so I got off to a quick start — a… Read More »

Jason Campbell vs. Alex Smith

I propose a question. Who is a better quarterback, Jason Campbell or Alex Smith? This is completely hypothetical as neither has played a game this season and because we don’t know that much about Campbell and, when you think about it, we don’t know that much about Smith. Or do we? We sure will find out a lot on Sunday. Until then my gut tells me Campbell has more talent than Smith — moves better, throws long better — although I… Read More »