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If I’m Keith Smart

If I’m Keith Smart I’m ticked about the Warriors firing me and hiring Mark Jackson. If I’m Keith Smart I’m thinking I have head coaching experience and with Jackson you’re talking about a guy who has no coaching experience anywhere anytime. Yes, you’re talking about a guy. If I’m Keith Smart I’m thinking I improved the Warriors by ten games last season. With Jackson you’re talking about a guy who improved no team. If I’m Keith Smart I’m hearing how… Read More »

Warriors had to part ways with Smart

As much as I like Keith Smart — and I do like him — the Warriors had to part ways with the guy. They had to even though he improved their record by ten games. New owner Joe Lacob is an ambitious guy and Smart could not give him the splash he wants to make in the league. Remember, he wants the Warriors to be the iconic franchise in the NBA. So he must search for a coach who can… Read More »

Keith Smart gone

Keith Smart is out as Warriors coach. Personally, I regret this because Smart is a good guy and he did a good — not great — job with the Warriors. But clearly owner Joe Lacob wants to cut his ties to the Warriors’ past and firing the coach is the No. 1 way to do that. So we wish Smart well and on we go.

Smart must go

Grant wrote a commentary for ComcastSportsNet Bay Area taking a strong stand about Keith Smart and the Warriors. Grant writes that after this season the Warriors should part ways with Smart and find another head coach. Grant writes this with all respect toward Smart, who deserves respect, and despite the good things Smart has done. To read Grant’s argument click here.

Keith Smart before Thunder game

Here is some of the Q&A with Keith Smart before tonight’s game with the Thunder. Challenges the Thunder pose? Two very explosive players, Westbrook being able to hurt you by getting into the paint, creating for his teammates but also drawing fouls on your big guys. It will be very important to keep him out of the lane. Durant has this ability where he can come off screens for a 6-10 guy to shoot over people. You almost need him… Read More »

Keith Smart on Monta Ellis

I’m writing a column about Dorell Wright for tomorrow’s paper.  Before I get to it, here are some interesting remarks Keith Smart made after Saturday practice about Monta Ellis’ growth and how he still needs to grow: On Monta Ellis being double-teamed: “Once you draw two players the ego has to check down. You draw two players you’ve done a great service to your team. You’ve got two players on you. Move the ball and move it again and you have… Read More »

Keith Smart’s future

Monday on Comcast Papa asked me if Keith Smart will be Warriors coach next season. I had to say no. I like Smart but I said the Warriors surely will look for someone more famous, someone who’s already accomplished a lot. The Warriors hired Smart at the last minute and I believe, with time, Joe Lacob will look for a coach with a big name. This morning Kawakami wrote a strong column taking a long look at Smart. I’m sure… Read More »

Keith Smart Part 2

By pure coincidence my kid Iggy wrote about Keith Smart for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area today. So there are two Cohn articles on Smart. Such a deal. His article is way different from mine and please excuse me for beaming but he has a great writer’s voice. Smart told me he liked my kid who attended the Warriors/Spurs game without me and attended his first ever postgame news conference. To read Iggy on Smart click here.

Keith Smart’s Street

I had a wonderful day. I usually don’t gush like this but what the heck. I did my first one-on-one interview with Keith Smart and he’s quite a guy, terrific storyteller, colorful man,  nice man. He told me about the street he grew up on in Baton Rouge and he explained how his values, how the essence of who he is got formed on that street. I quoted him a lot in the column I wrote because he is such a… Read More »