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A philosopher discusses Lance Armstrong and the culture of lying

Many decades ago when I was a graduate student in the Stanford English Department, I met and shared an office with another English graduate student, Bill Gairdner. He is five years older than I am and in many ways has been a big brother to me. He was a decathlete, the best in Canada and one of the best in the world and he competed in the 1964 Olympics. Now, he is a political philosopher coming at political issues from… Read More »

Oprah and me

I have things to confess, bad things I’ve done in my life. Ordinarily, I would confess these misdeeds to Mrs. Cohn Zohn or a rabbi. Not any more. I want to confess to Oprah. On national TV. Just like Lance. I may even cry. Oprah is the Mother Confessor of our country, and if she can forgive me everyone can.

Levi Leipheimer vs. Lance Armstrong

I’m confused. Levi Leipheimer admitted to being a drug cheat and all over the internet I’m reading articles that defend him. I admit to know almost nothing about cycling. But here’s what I wonder. Lance Armstrong made a lot of money cheating and so did Leipheimer. So, why is Leipheimer a better guy? Leipheimer ratted out Armstrong but Armstrong didn’t rat out Leipheimer. Why does this make Leipheimer a better guy? Please, would someone better informed than I explain these… Read More »

Lance Armstrong and the end of innocence

While all the Buster Posey stuff was going on, Grant wrote a piece for ComcastSportsNet BayArea about the latest Lance Armstrong flap, how teammates are accusing him of being a drug cheat. Grant is not accusing Armstrong or anyone else. He writes how growing up in his age — the Sports Drug Age — has made him skeptical and robbed him of his sports innocence. It robbed him in his childhood and still does. To read Grant’s column click here.