A philosopher discusses Lance Armstrong and the culture of lying

Many decades ago when I was a graduate student in the Stanford English Department, I met and shared an office with another English graduate student, Bill Gairdner. He is five years older than I am and in many ways has been a big brother to me. He was a decathlete, [...]

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Oprah and me

I have things to confess, bad things I've done in my life. Ordinarily, I would confess these misdeeds to Mrs. Cohn Zohn or a rabbi. Not any more. I want to confess to Oprah. On national TV. Just like Lance. I may even cry. Oprah is the Mother Confessor of [...]

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Levi Leipheimer vs. Lance Armstrong

I'm confused. Levi Leipheimer admitted to being a drug cheat and all over the internet I'm reading articles that defend him. I admit to know almost nothing about cycling. But here's what I wonder. Lance Armstrong made a lot of money cheating and so did Leipheimer. So, why is Leipheimer [...]

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Lance Armstrong and the end of innocence

While all the Buster Posey stuff was going on, Grant wrote a piece for ComcastSportsNet BayArea about the latest Lance Armstrong flap, how teammates are accusing him of being a drug cheat. Grant is not accusing Armstrong or anyone else. He writes how growing up in his age -- the [...]

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