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Matt Maiocco and me

I was feeling worried about Matt Maiocco. Every time I turned on the radio or watched CSN BayArea he was saying Tomsula might be Niners coach, don’t forget Tomsula. I thought Matt had lost his mind, or maybe a source was leading him astray. I really was worried about Matt. We are good friends, worked together for years at the PD. The crib my two grandkids slept in was the crib Matt’s daughters slept in. There always is a part… Read More »

Lowell’s big adventure

Tomorrow, I start my big adventure, ending with covering the 49ers-Packers game on Sunday. That’s a big game. Grant and I fly to Chicago, take public transit to somewhere or other where Ira Miller will pick us up. We’re sleeping at his house — Ira already picked out the wine for dinner. On Saturday, Grant and I drive to Appleton, Wisconsin to our hotel. We’re having dinner that night with Maiocco and Barrows who are at our hotel. Ostler is… Read More »

Matt Maiocco on the “human side” of Jim Harbaugh

Matt Maiocco posted a moving article on CSNBayArea.com about Jim Harbaugh’s season-ending news conference which took place on Monday. That news conference has gotten very controversial. Matt, my close friend and former colleague at the Press Democrat, explains he saw tears, or near tears in Harbaugh’s eyes at the end of the press conference. Matt interprets the tears to mean Harbaugh has a human side he rarely shows. Matt praises Harbaugh for showing his human side, in spite of himself.… Read More »

Maiocco debates Eric Davis re: Alex Smith

Matt Maiocco wrote a fascinating blog about his debate with Eric Davis concerning whether or not Alex Smith has a chance of returning next season to the 49ers. Davis says no way; Matt says don’t rule it out. I tend to agree with Davis. I mean, why bring back Smith? But there’s one thing I want to add. Davis keeps saying he trusts Jed York to do the right thing and to see the big picture. To which I ask,… Read More »