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Beach Boys vs. Beatles

Grant and I are sitting in the Cohn Zohn — at the dining room table of our media empire in the East Bay — and we’re waiting on NFL free agency, less than an hour away. While we wait we are listening to the Beach Boys Greatest Hits II. We both agree that the Beach Boys are better than the Beatles. The Beatles vs. The Stones? No contest. The Stones by a mile. I don’t feel the Beatles have aged… Read More »

“Life” by Keith Richards

I’m reading Keith Richards’ autobiography, “Life.” I try to alternate a work of fiction with a nonfiction book, and this is my nonfiction book. I’m about 100 pages into it and if you care about the Stones this book is a delight. Richards told his story to writer James Fox and Fox has given this a driving narrative and Richards’ voice is fascinating. I just read the part where Richards and Mick Jagger met on a train station as teenagers.… Read More »