IN TODAY’S column I wrote about the new A’s third baseman Brett Lawrie who replaces the old third baseman Josh Donaldson. Here is a comparison of key stats the past two seasons for both of them.

Games played:

Donaldson in 2014, 158 games; in 2013, 158 games.

Lawrie in 2014, 70 games; in 2013, 107 games.

Batting average:

Donaldson in 2014, .255; in 2013, .301

Lawrie in 2014, .247; in 2013, .254

Home runs:

Donaldson in 2014, 29; in 2013, 24.

Lawrie in 2014, 12; in 2013, 11


Donaldson in 2014, 98; in 2013, 93

Lawrie in 2014, 38; in 2013, 46

ON WEDNESDAY a reporter asked Bruce Bochy how new third baseman Casey McGehee looks. Bochy said he hasn’t looked much at him yet. Bochy said he is mostly looking at the younger guys. Translation: McGehee will be on the roster. Bochy and his staff need to evaluate the marginal guys and the new guys who are fighting for roster spots.