When I look at the Giants this time of year, I tend to take a critical view. Maybe you do, too. I’m talking pitching right now. I see all the innings Madison Bumgarner pitched last year. I’m aware Matt Cain and Tim Hudson had offseason surgery. I know Jake Peavy is 33. And I know I know nothing about Tim Lincecum.

Giants starting pitching presents so many imponderables.

And yet, it could turn out great. Bumgarner may be the best starting pitcher in baseball. Hudson and Peavy could each win 15 games. Who knows? Cain could come back stronger and better than ever. And Lincecum could be a surprise — a good surprise.

If things work out, the Giants could have the best starting rotation in the NL. And if one of the starters falters, Ryan Vogelsong and Yusmeiro Petit are waiting to join the rotation. The Giants already have the best bullpen in the league.

With the Giants, it’s always all about pitching. You know that. They know that.